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Hebei Xinda group is located in Qian'an Economic Development Zone, Hebei Province. It is a large-scale comprehensive private enterprise integrating mineral mining and beneficiation, real estate development, iron and steel metallurgy and physical trade of upstream and downstream industrial chains. After 30 years of entrepreneurship and innovation, under the guidance of the vision of "serving the country with industry and creating a strong enterprise in a century", the group has become a Nirvana and a butterfly. It has successively ranked among the "national A-level highly competitive enterprise of iron and steel" and "top 20 enterprises of China's iron and steel industry", and won the honorary titles of "national advanced collective of iron and steel industry", "green factory of Hebei Province" and "advanced collective of Hebei Province".

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The group has experienced 30 year of entrepreneurship and innovation
More than 0.01 million yuan has been donated for disaster relief, teaching assistants and poverty relie
The total transaction volume of zhongxinlian cloud business platform has reached 1803 billion yuan
Group Profile

Hebei xin da group was founded in 1992, is located in hebei province qianan region economic development zone, after 30 years of entrepreneurship and innovation, in the "industrial patriotic Guided under the vision of one hundred strong enterprises ", the phoenix nirvana, chrysalis into a butterfly, has already become mineral acquisition, real estate development, iron and steel metallurgy and upstream and downstream industry chain entity trade as one of the large-scale comprehensive private enterprises. It has been successively listed as "National Steel A-Class Competitive Enterprise" and "Top 20 Steel Industry in China", and won honorary titles such as "National Steel Industry Advanced Collective", "Hebei Province Green Factory" and "Hebei Province Advanced Collective".

Group Iron and steel metallurgy business division has Hebei Xinda Iron and Steel Group Co., LTD., Jilin Xinda Iron and Steel Co., LTD., Hebei Rongxin Iron and Steel Co., LTD., Hebei Jingdong Pipe Co., LTD., Liaoning Jingdong Pipe Co., LTD., and other enterprises, including 3 national AAA grade industrial tourist attractions, 3 Hebei Province green factories; Qian 'an Xinda Logistics Co., Ltd. and Dongfenghua Transportation Logistics Co., Ltd. are cargo operation platforms established to control the raw material supply and product sales of the main steel industry. They have more than 2,000 sets (vehicles) of electric heavy trucks and LNG construction machinery, with a comprehensive daily capacity of more than 100,000 tons. Mineral Business Division has 16 directly affiliated companies, 3 of which are Hebei Green Mines. The REAL estate division of Tangshan Longxin REAL Estate Development Co., LTD. Didu GARDEN AND DIDU WangFU RESIDENTIAL Area have been completed and moved in, and the Wangfu Building and other key projects have been completed and put into use. The Trade Division has many enterprises such as Tianjin Tiandao Metal Group Co., LTD., Hebei Lijun Cultural Development Group Co., LTD.

The group has a wide variety of iron and steel metallurgical products. Its main products are rebar, round steel, coil screw, coil circle, hot rolled strip, H-beam, I-beam, Angle steel, channel steel, U-beam, sheet pile, 1580 hot rolled coil plate, spheroidal cast pipe, etc. It has been used in the construction of national key projects such as Beijing Daxing International Airport, Tianjin National Convention and Exhibition Center, Tsinghua University Park, Changchun Temporary Cabin Hospital, Yangtze River University protection, and exported to more than 10 countries and regions such as Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. It has won the title of China's Outstanding steel enterprise brand, National Quality inspection trusted products, group member of China Quality Inspection Association, national steel industry quality leading brand, national quality inspection stable qualified products, national quality inspection integrity enterprise, national quality integrity benchmark enterprise, etc. Xiongan New Area is listed as "designated steel reinforcement production enterprise" and "designated municipal buried pipe production enterprise", and the brand of Xinda is rated as "Hebei Excellent Brand" (5A).

The group has advanced technical level, leading R & D strength and excellent innovation ability, with 1 national CNAS accredited quality inspection center, 2 municipal science and technology research and development platforms, 3 specialized and special new enterprises in Hebei Province, 6 industrial enterprise research and development institutions, and 11 national high-tech enterprises. It has 1302 independent intellectual property rights in the fields of environmental protection equipment manufacturing, digital intelligent manufacturing, Internet e-commerce platform and other fields, and is a "national intellectual property advantage enterprise" and "500 private enterprises with R&D investment".

Taking Internet + as the starting point, the group is making every effort to build government-led smart city, customized remote digital control smart factory, Zhongxinlian e-commerce platform, Today's Steel information platform, to strengthen the smart economy. Among them, the unmanned continuous casting platform in the smart factory applies two robots to replace the long water nozzle at the same time, which is the world's first in the industry! Zhongxinlian Cloud Business platform was launched into trial operation in August 2019, with a total of more than 310,000 kinds of raw materials and spare parts for the metallurgical industry on the shelves, and 2,830 registered users distributed in nearly 200 cities and regions across the country. By November 1, 2022, the total value of transactions had reached 187.9 billion yuan.

Group does not forget industrial patriotic beginner's mind, and actively give back to society, specifically incorporated hebei xin da charitable foundation, held donation special-education schools, condolences to lonely seniors, funding students, helping battle patients and a series of public welfare activities, showing strong companies big love play, won the "tangshan top ten public enterprise", "China top 500 enterprise charity" title. Since its establishment, it has donated more than 100 million yuan for disaster relief, teaching assistants, helping the needy and so on. In particular, a direct donation of 37.42 million yuan was made to help local COVID-19 prevention and control efforts.

Under the guidance of the vision of "serving the country with industry and creating a century-old strong enterprise", Hebei Xinda Group adheres to the development concept of "innovation, green, opening and win-win", and focuses on the development goal of "Xinda manufacturing and Xinda creation to the world". It focuses on the main steel industry, deeply plough new industries and expand its business domain. To have a strong core competitiveness, innovation adaptability, enterprise cohesion, social influence and sustainable development of the first-class modern large enterprise group.